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Newquay Rowing Club is proud of its inter-club racing and has a very busy fixture list. Apart from training days for novice and junior rowers, several races are held each week, both for men and women's crews. There are races every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday during the rowing season held in Newquay Bay all starting at 7pm around a triangular course, starting and ending at the harbour. Why not come along and watch from the quay or from various view points along the cliffs of Newquay. - for all your Rowing enquiries

The Competitive Side

There are various types of race being local, 'welly' and cup races. Most are raced around the same triangular course used since the clubs formation in 1921 but there are a few straight races too. Check out the fixture list.


Held roughly every two weeks these races are usually pre-picked allowing crews to practice if they wish and depending on the cup will have between 3 and 6 gigs competing. See the Cup Races    page for details of individual cup races and the history behind them.



Cup Races



These are the most common races in which crews are selected from whoever turns up to row. Rowers are awarded points according to the position in which they finish and at the end of the season the rower with the most points is awarded 'Rower of the Year'. For example in a four gig race, the winning crew will get 4 points each, second place 3 points each and so on.


Held every other friday, the men race to be awarded the 'welly boot', a hollow mahogany welly trophy in this unofficial club series. Currently there are seven crews contesting to become the welly champions for the year by winning the most races. Welly races have been going for 25 years and are a 'fun' race although the rivalry is fierce on the water and quite the opposite off it. The welly always produces some fine races and hangovers to match! Well worth a watch.



Local Races




Wellie Races


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